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Moringa Oil........ Nature's Magic Potion

Moringa Oil........ Nature's Magic Potion

You can check it here - Moringa Oil

Back in 2012, when Toby and I traveled back to my homeland (Guatemala) for my sister’s wedding, we stumbled upon an amazing discovery…

One day we paid a visit to a little organic farm in Antigua well known in the district for its superb organic fruit & veggies. This is where we first learned about the incredible healing powers of the mighty Moringa.

They were selling the dry powder and the tea, which was very intriguing to me with its very distinctive appearance.

Therefore, I decided to buy 1 kg of the dry powder and 1 kg of the leaf-tea to incorporate it into my daily diet.

The staff on-hand that day kindly gave us a tour of how they grow the plant and also talked us through the incredible health benefits it offers.

When we went back home that day, I decided to research more about it. Since then…well, let’s just say that my passion, knowledge, and connection with this miracle plant, simply hasn't stopped!

Moringa Oleifera - "The tree of vitality"

Is a plant that grows in different parts of the world including Australia. It is a native tree from the Himalayas but also grows wild in tropical and subtropical countries like Guatemala, Africa, and Asia.

This truly one-of-a-kind plant has opened my eyes and expanded my brain, even on a deeply spiritual level. I immediately felt attracted to it for its simplicity.

In fact, the more one learns about this incredible plant, the more one understands and appreciates nature’s kindness towards humans.

No surprise that its leaves have been used as part of traditional medicine for centuries - and believe it or not, this plant is associated with the cure or prevention of about 300 diseases!

By anyone’s standards, that truly is a staggering number! Its use can even be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, who placed vases filled with Moringa oil inside their tombs.

The tree of vitality works in our body in different levels: emotional performance, essential health, skin restoration & body-weight.

Moringa = Optimal health restoration - as it is a natural multi-vitamin supplement for our body, cells, and organs.

One serving of moringa leaves (around 90 grams) can account for the following:

22% daily value of vitamin C = 7 x more vitamin C than oranges!

41% daily value of potassium = 3 x times more potassium than bananas! 61% daily value of magnesium - This is a great source of pumping our body with natural magnesium; one of the most important minerals we are constantly lacking in our diet.

71% daily value of iron = 9 x more iron than spinach! - The highest plant in the world with iron content greater than spinach. Especially suitable for vegans.

125% daily value of calcium = 4 x more calcium than milk!

275% daily value of vitamin A = 2 x more vitamin A than carrots!

17.5 % daily value of protein = 2 x more protein than Yogurt!

2 x more zinc than oysters! This promotes reproductive health functions and fast healing of wounds.

8 x more polyphenol than dark chocolate! This promotes proper brain function.

4 x more vitamin E than sesame seeds! Great for preserving cell damage. But wait …there’s more!!

92 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory,18 amino acids, 9 essential amino acids.

The benefits of Moringa if used daily:

It helps to lower blood pressure.

Reduces inflammation.

Helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels  

In addition, it regulates your body-weight

Moringa oil fully nourishes and energises your body - and meets all the necessary nutritional requirements. The resulting effect is that it naturally curbs junk-food and sugar cravings.

And also supplies your body with the proper amount of energy needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The power of Moringa in your skin:

For dry skin: It softens dry skin and maintains moisture in the skin. It is good for conditioning dry, chapped lips. It’s also the perfect remedy to treat rough, dry skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis.

Anti-aging properties:

• Moringa oil rejuvenates dull, tired and aging skin. • Moringa oil antioxidants and nutrients help fight free radical damage that can cause skin tissue damage and lead to the formation of wrinkles. • Moringa oil helps improve the appearance of wrinkles and prevents the sagging of facial muscles.

• Moringa oil helps produce hormones called cytokinins, which promotes cell growth and delays damage & destruction of skin tissue.

• The Vitamin C content in Moringa oil stabilizes collagen - and helps reduce fine lines plus repairs damaged skin cells. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties:

• Moringa oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties - used to treat and heal minor skin abrasions, cuts, scrapes, bruises, burns, insect bites, rashes, sunburn, and even skin infections. Acne & dark spot prevention:

•Moringa oil helps clear blackheads and pimples – and when used regularly, helps prevent the re-occurrence of blemishes.

• It helps minimize dark spots from acne and hyperpigmentation.

Other fun facts;

Moringa oil has nourishing and emollient properties, giving it numerous benefits for use in skin and hair-care products.

In addition, it's equally useful in lifting dirt out of the hair and is an efficient natural cleanser. By simply wetting your hair and massaging the oil into your scalp (and rinsing), will not only clean and moisturize, but will also increase the health and strength of your scalp. 

Moringa oil is even a concentrated source of food energy. Small amounts of Moringa oil added to the diet of young children can provide them with a more varied and nutritious diet.

Wholesome and rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids and because of its various antioxidants and skin-rejuvenating qualities is one of the most wanted and sourced oils in the world.

These antioxidants simply do wonders for aging and skins lacking nutrients.

Containing a significant amount of oleic acid content (72%), Moringa oil penetrates very deep into the skin. This brings the necessary nutrients to your skin and hair, helping it to retain its moisture.

Perfume makers value Moringa oil highly because of its ability to absorb and retain even the most volatile scents.

It has often used in enfleurage; a process that uses solid, odourless fats to capture the fragrances of delicate plants and flowers.

Moringa oil absorbs rather rapidly into the skin, making it is a good, logical choice for beauty products that are rinsed off the skin, such as soaps and shampoos.

To enjoy the wonderful benefits of Moringa, simply apply Moringa oil and lightly massage on your skin. Leave it on for several minutes so your skin can nourish the vitamins and minerals present in Moringa. You’ll soon notice the difference!

The secret to beautiful, youthful skin lies in keeping a healthy living environment for your skin cells to live - and Moringa oil can do this very well.

So put these truths to some good use, take advantage of one of nature’s remarkable gifts to mankind – and find our Moringa Oil online today for better skin-care and rejuvenation – and for stronger and healthier hair!

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