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How to win the fight against Cellulite

How to win the fight against Cellulite

 It All Starts with Will-Power!

Remember that True Change occurs step at a time.

When we adopt this mindset, it practically GUARANTEES Positive Results!

Before we dive into our 4-Step Protocol for how to eliminate cellulite, we first need to further understand few points.

Cellulite is the excessive enlargement of our fat cells. This is due to the over-accumulation of fat that we normally can store.

This is what's called overstretch fascia. Fascia is the spider web connective tissue above the fat cells.

When the Fascia overstretches because of the fat overload, it splits the fascia passing through. This makes the fat visible through the top layers of our skin. In addition, this also decreases the mass of the muscle underneath the fat cells.

Cellulite is also a sure sign of inflammation in our body. What causes it?

1. Losing and putting on weight.

2. Lack of Multi-dimensional exercises.

3. Stress

4. Menopause (Hormonal imbalances).


1. Consider your DIET.

The number #1 and most important solution is diet.  Diet will help to reduce the abnormal size of your fat cells and get them back to normal size. The only way to do this is by lowering the insulin.

Insulin is the hormone that controls just how much fat goes into our fat cells. For Instance, we cannot fix cellulite, until we lower insulin. Similarly, the best way to lower the by changing your diet.

1. - Try cutting-down on excessive carbs, sugars and fried food. You know the drill!

2. - Start consuming high-quality amino acids

3. - Add more bitter-green vegetables into your intake like Parsley

4. - Start adding Apple-Cider and/or Vinegar into your daily dishes

5. - Start adding healthy fats into your diet like Coconut-Oil and Butter

6. - Start adding some cruciferous vegetables into your diet. Think Broccoli, Kale, Radish, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts and Bok-Choy...and NOW you're cooking!!

7. Even try to incorporate some intermittent FASTING in your life...and you'll be way ahead of the game!

Exercise -

Try incorporating some Multi-Dimensional Exercises...into your routine. Most gyms machines usually only provide two-dimensional exercises and believe it or not, are inadequate.

They don’t activate ALL 90 muscles in our lower body that NEED ACTIVATING! If we are to get rid of cellulite... and get the results we're looking for we need to exercise consistently.

A few samples of Multi-Dimensional Exercises are:

1. Burpee with a push-up

2. Mountain Climbers

3. Jumping Jacks

4. Skater Squats

5. Plie Squats

6. Alternating Lunges

7. Lateral Leg Lifts

8. Side Lunges

9. Squats

10. One leg calf raise.

3. Demand from Yourself - Recovery and Sleep.


It is also necessary for our bodies to FULLY recover and restore its vitality.

Sleep also helps to reduce our stress levels and cortisol in our bodies. This is very important and naturally goes hand-in-hand with reducing cellulite.

Sorry to state the bleeding obvious here...but MAKE SURE you are sleeping well.

Create a morning meditational routine for ease your body into the daily grind of life.

4. After that, apply our Coffee Scruboccino Body Scrub.

Scrubbing your skin is actually one of the best things you can do - in helping your body to reduce cellulite.

Therefore, when you exfoliate, your skin basically gets rid of dead skin. At the same time, you also stimulate the lymphatic system and simultaneously increase blood flow.

We also add Magnesium Salts into the contents of our Body Scrub. Similarly, this all works towards providing health benefits for your muscles and your skin.

Similarly, Magnesium is highly anti-inflammatory and even helps to reduce stress in your muscles.

I hope that you now have a much clearer picture of just how cellulite works. How (with just a whisper of will-power) you can implement some daily positive changes.

The small changes will all ultimately result in giving you daily positive energy!

Getting on top of cellulite takes a little bit of time, effort and dedication. Sugar, carbs, high-blood pressure, s nothing short of serving as a recipe for disaster.

Fix THAT which needs fixing!

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