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Things You Should Know

All the products in our company are made with 100% natural ingredients. Vegetable oils, Essential oils, waxes, clays, minerals, colours, cold pressed fruit, vegetable juices, preservatives etc. What we don't use are anything that is synthetic or man made because when its absorbed, it becomes a toxin in the body, accumulates over time and can lead to numerous adverse health implications.

To make our soaps, we use the traditional cold process method. This means its the act of mixing fats (coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil etc) with an alkali (Sodium Hydroxide or lye). The result is a process call saponification. We then mix the two parts till trace and then add our natural colours and essential oils. This is where you can really let go with your imagination. We then pour the mixture into our moulds and after they have hardened we cut them and leave them on the drying rack to cure for approximately 6 weeks. The longer the better(like a good red wine getting better with age.)

Yes, we do. But we only use certified sustainable palm oil from Colombia that has been grown on a plantation, managed and certified in accordance with the roundtable on sustainable palm oil’s principals and criteria. The securing plantation was established on land that was not deforested and converted to plantation after 2005, and has been well managed with environmental, social and economic standards. If we don't support sustainable use, then the sustainable palm oil industry won't grow and overtake the companies doing the wrong thing. Palm oil isn't bad, it's an oil!

Commercial soaps contain parabens, phalathes, sodium laurate, synthetic, detergents, and unnatural preservatives. Some of these ingredients have been liked to cancer, reproductive issues and other health problems. Commercial soaps also take out the natural glycerine from their soaps. Handcrafted soaps on the other hand are made by people who love to make soaps so you can feel the difference. They don't extract the glycerin which provides great moistursing properties and handcrafted soaps tend to not aggravate sensitive skin.

We use approximately 50 percent of organic ingredients in our products. Some organic ingredients are difficult to acquire and some are ridiculously expensive which would cause us to increase our prices. Organic certification is an expensive and lengthy process and we mostly want people to take that first step choosing natural over chemical ingredients in their products and realise that what they put on their skin has an accumulative effect and from a holistic point of view will cause numerous health problems in the future.

Yes, all real soaps are made with lye (sodium hydroxide). You can make soap with potassium hydroxide however the "soap" is soft and won't last as long and technically is categorised as detergent. During the soap making process, there is a chemical reaction between the lye and the oils, at which time the ingredients are transformed into soap and no lye remains in the finished soap after 6 weeks of curing. This reaction is called “saponification” and makes what is traditonally known as soap.

Essential oils are 100% pure and natural distillations of a flowers, herbs, roots, or resins that are extracted in numerous ways to be a potent liquid capable of delivering the powerful effects that nature has to offer.Fragrance oils, aromatic oils or (parfum) as it is sometimes called in the ingredients list, are chemically manufactured scents. They are artificially created fragrances and they contain artificial, dangerous substances. They are specifically designed to mimic the scent of a natural smell and the word (parfum) in the ingredients list can contain over 200 different chemicals to construct a particular scent.

Our products do have an expiry date. We don't use any un-natural preservatives or alcohol to preserve our products because they are dangerous and can be irritating to sensitive skin. We prefer the idea of the fresher your food, the better and more nutritious it is for you, and the fresher your skincare the more nutritious and nourishing for your skin it is. We do use ingredients that are very high in antioxidants to prevent our products going rancid for longer and the fact we don't use water in any of our products means we don't need to worry about preservation so much. We always recommend to store our products in a cool dark place if possible, the fridge is an ideal place and if you haven't finished a using a product after 3-6 months then empty its contents and recycle or reuse the container if possible.

Your soap should last about 1 month. We recommend storing it in a dry place, on a slotted soap dish up high in the shower is perfect as this allows the water to drain away and gives the soap a chance to dry out between uses so it will last longer. You could also cut it in half and keep one piece to use once you've finished with the other.

We don’t use any synthetic ingredients including: Phthalates, Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Sodium laureth Sulphates, artificial colours or fragrances. We only use 100% natural ingredients. - Our packaging is recyclable, recycled and bio-degradable. Our paper is 100% post consumer recycled paper. - We always assure all our suppliers meet their environmental standards as we only use ingredients that are sustainable and ethically sourced. - We take a holistic approach to our business; making sure we have done our best for the environment, the people and ourselves. We love what we do and are hoping that one day it can provide our family with 3 meals a day, a roof over our head and the oppurtunity to give something back to those less fortunate. - Sustainability is very important in our business practices and we undertake life cycle assessments of our services, products and business practices ensuring all aspects have been considered and improvements made at all times - We only use low energy manufacture methods. Which not only helps to sustain our environmental standards but also preserves the health benefits of our ingredients and we also pack our range by hand. - We use minimal packing, using only what is absolutely necessary. - We support local and Australian companies and we're proud to be one ourselves. - We DO NOT ever test on animals. We are emphatically against animal cruelty and test our products on humans only (and we've only lost a couple so far!)

We are usually at the Bondi Beach markets on Saturday and Sunday. We also do some markets in Newcastle. These are the Olive Tree markets on the first Saturday of the month. The best way to know where we are is to join our facebook page as we post every Friday where we will be that weekend.Our stalls always have testers and samples available for you to try, test, touch and smell. It's the best way to find your favourite scent, the texture that's right for your skin and we can answer any questions you have!