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About Rosie

La utz awach (which means welcome in Mayan:)


I am Rosie, from Guatemala - in Central America. Before it became my reality to call Australia home (I migrated at the ripe age of 20), I was raised in a family which encouraged all forms of creativity. Equally, the entrepreneurial spirit - and passion for making this world a better place runs very deep in my DNA. I feel this combination of personal desires and humanitarian attributes in some sense, mapped-out my destiny at quite an early age. I studied Engineering at Uni and shortly after arriving in Australia in 2010, also completed further Diplomas in Environmental and Business Management.

Incrementally, this has helped to build a very solid base and foundation - in starting the Toby and Rosie Co.

I was essentially driven to starting this business, with the prime directive; to create awareness - and offer a truly magical product.

People generally tend to underestimate the Pure Magic that Nature hides. If there's one thing that my Rustic Traditions have taught me, it's that - Nature Is Powerful! The general public would simply not believe what amazing, healing plants and herbs exist today, that Nature offers to humanity. Worse still, people are unaware of the highly toxic products, which are freely available for public consumption.

Always Question Everything in Your Life.

Knowledge completely transforms your thinking.

Toby and Rosie Natural Skincare and soaps became a reality, only after much discovery. My passion for all natural medicines and learning the chemistry involved in creating and manufacturing products keeps empowering and inspiring me along this journey. The quest for learning how to love and understand our body comes from being aware of primarily what we eat and what we put on our skin.

All of our products are hand-crafted with quality, natural ingredients. Nothing is overcooked, plus all the nutrients are kept untouched. Additionally, we incorporate the use of powerful, herbal tonics.

I sincerely hope that when you use our products, you can feel the positive energy and love we put in everything we well as enjoy the peace-of-mind that nothing toxic is added.

All our resources are sustainable, recyclable and cruelty-free.

Thank you for getting to know me :)

Much love