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Essential Oils for Skincare

Essential Oils for Skincare


Lavender Essential Oil

Take Lavender Essential Oil for example. A 2016 study found that Lavender essential oil accelerated wound healing in the skin, helped repair and regenerate skin cells and increased collagen.

Collagen is responsible for keeping your skin taut and firm. As you age the levels of collagen in your skin decline, ergo your skin starts to sag and lose it’s youthfulness. 

I don’t know about you, but that is something i want to be putting on my skin every day. Talk about the elixir of youth, proven by science to make your look younger!

“You had me at elixir of youth” I hear you say. But wait there’s a whole lot more……

Now you might be forgiven when you see Lavender oil in your skincare product on the ingredients list but you need to be careful. Most skincare (about 95% of it) is made with ultra-refined ingredients that have lost their ‘magic’ or effectiveness. Another sneaky thing a lot of skincare brands do is add in artificial ingredients as scents made to smell like Lavender. Obviously this only causes only harm not being natural and with no positive benefits to the skin.

Here at Toby and Rosie, we understand the power and effectiveness of essential oils and that’s why we only use 100% pure and high-quality essential oils in ALL our skincare and soaps.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

One of our personal favourites and a favourite of many is Sandalwood Essential Oil.

Throughout history Sandalwood has been known for its calming and relaxing effects. To take a bit of the stress out of everyday life. It helps deepen a meditation practise(OOOmmm) and also awakens our sexual energy.....Date night!

But Sandalwood has never really been known for its skin enhancing properties until recent studies and loads of anecdotal evidence has surfaced. 

It’s an anti-inflammatory, relieves itching related to eczema and dry skin, grea for acne and psoriasis. In fact, in one study it has shown that Sandalwood oil could be an effective chemopreventive agent against chemically induced skin cancer in animal studies!

Frankincense Essential Oil

Speaking of anti-cancer effects, Frankincense Essential Oil dubbed ‘the king of essential oils’ has shown positive results in studies on mice with malignant melanomas(the most aggressive form of skin cancer) and inducing apoptosis(cell death) in melanoma (skin cancer) cells!

It doesn’t stop there.

Frankincense essential oil promotes a better night’s sleep - and lets face it, who doesn’t need that!

It also speeds up the healing of wounds.

Boosts the immune system.

Reduces stress hormones.

And when it comes to the skin it reduces fine lines, age spots and stretch marks. 

So we’ve got 3 amazing essential oils for skincare that have been proven in studies to make you look younger and turn back the clock in your skin. You could call them natures botox or facelift without the side effects!

And as they say on the tv shopping network, “but wait, there’s more!”

Rose Geranium Essential Oil

You can use Rose Geranium Essential Oil to help balance the natural oils in your skin. It's calming and toning properties are unparalleled. It has a very high vibration of frequency which imparts a more positive feeling.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil for any blemishes or breakouts. It's a very strong antiseptic and powerful anti-fungal. It's effectiveness is shown in this study here when compared to an over the counter antifugal.


Carrot Seed Essential Oil for Brightening and lightening of the skin.


Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil to prevent signs of aging and a pick-me-up for mature skin.


Peppermint Essential Oil

For dermatitis, ring worm or just to calm and tone, use Peppermint Essential Oil.


Patchouli Essential Oil

The 'scent of the sixties' and that old hippies favourite - Patchouli Essential Oil. This is particularly great for aged skin, helping to promote new cell growth, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst being highly antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic.


So the next step in the evolution of your new skincare routine/products using essential oils to turn back the clock is how best to apply them to the skin.

Firstly all essential oils for skincare are way too strong to apply directly to the skin. You can put a drop here or there as a perfume but you definitely don't want to be lathering them all over your skin.

The best way to apply is to find a nice carrier oil that you like and dilute the essential oils before applying.

Carrier Oils such as sweet almond, moringa, peach kernel, apricot, macadamia, olive oil even, are great ways to absorb those essential oils and their benefits into your skin.

What we do just pour a 20 cent sized amount in the palm of our hands of the carrier oil, go to our essential oil collection and add 2-3 drops to the carrier oil. This way we found is better than premixing it into a bottle. You never know which essential oil you'll feel like at that particular time or for which particular reason.

You can also add a few drops of any essential oil(we love Rose geranium) into a bottle with some witch hazel and tiny bit of ACV(apple cider vinegar). There you've just created one of the best toners ever for your skin!


Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil for the hair can be used in a rinse you apply with water or ACV and rinse out or leave in.

If you need any help with blending or knowing which essential oils for skincare might work best with your skin, we're always here to help.


Until next time thanks for reading and have a lovely day : )

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