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Eliminate 5 Food Types To Rejuvenate Your Life & Improve Your Health

Eliminate 5 Food Types To Rejuvenate Your Life & Improve Your Health

When do we actually reap the benefits of any diet considering it takes every cell in our body 7 years to completely renew themselves. Are we feeling better because of the diet we did 2 years ago or the crappy food we ate yesterday?

Who do you trust? Which guru, which doctor, which youtube personality, which scientist?

Well, this post is about not having to worry about all that stuff.

The reason being is that everyone agrees with the 5 things below that we should either eliminate from our diet or at least reduce to a minimum.

1. Sugar

OK, so we’re stating the bleeding obvious here, but read on… SUGAR is highly addictive and doing your precious body far more harm than good!

Sugar actually fights and blocks the normal functionality of your organs and cells. You’ll also be horrified to know that excess sugar in our bodies is stored as toxic fat! Feel like a musk-stick now…?

Ironically, our bodies (on their own accord) will produce sugar naturally - when it’s needed.

2. Highly Refined Foods (Generally White Foods)

See #1 - these products are also SUGAR based!!!

As soon as we eat/digest these food types, our body converts it into 100% glucose – which contains NO nutritional value!!

Satisfying your cravings for sugar will only accelerate your body-clock; diseases like cancer, diabetes, high/low blood pressure, obesity and skin problems like Eczema, Acne – all thrive on the intake of sugar-based food types!

Hence, the more sugar we feed ourselves - the more we are jeopardising our cells well-being and natural cycles, creating the perfect ecosystem for diseases and bad bacteria to live and reproduce (rapidly) in our body.

The reality of life is that our bodies behave just like plants; if we use the right soil (ecosystem) and we feed them clean, organic food - they will produce the best fruit, they will live for a long time and ooh la lah… they will look bloody amazing!!

3. Processed Food

Don’t get me going… PROCESSED FOOD has NO nutritional value at all and unless you’re on a mission to punish yourself, don’t even think of eating this trash! Most packaged food only fills your body with saturated sugar & fat!

4. Irradiated Food

With the admirable aim of trying to improve the safety - and a desire to extend the shelf-life of foods (now used in over 50 countries worldwide including Australia), FOOD IRRADIATION (like the horrid name suggests!) is a method where food is exposed to ionizing radiation, either from gamma rays, high-energy electron beams or by powerful X-Rays’ similar to microwaves characteristics, but with even higher energy and penetration! This technology is essentially used to eliminate micro-organisms, insects, mould and bacteria.

HOWEVER, this type of technology also destroys 80% of enzymes, vitamins, essential fatty acids and many other nutrients in our food. This process also significantly changes the smell, flavour and colour. YUK!!!

Unless you’re feeling ultra-ravenous, somewhere deep underground in the aftermath of an exploding nuclear bomb, it might be wise not to digest any irradiated food.

From this moment on, please be diligent, vigilant and do your homework next time you’re consuming goods in supermarket land – and always check the labels of imported foods.

5. GMO'S

(GENITICALLY MODIFIED FOOD) Doesn’t this sound yummy??!!

Essentially, this is another form of ‘dead’ food!

Recent studies have shown that GENETICALLY MODIFIED food can leave material behind (inside us!), possibly causing long-term problems.

Numerous health problems worldwide have increased after GMO’s were introduced into our daily consumption - in 1996.

This process involves seeds or plants which have been modified and genetically ‘changed’ by using genes from other unrelated species like bacteria, animals and/or plants. Ignorance simply can’t be used as excuse anymore – Genetic Engineering unleashes a host of dangerous and unpredictable side-effects!

In truth, GMO’s harm the environment. We shouldn’t have to be ‘guinea-pigs’ where food is concerned – we can choose to buy 100%certified organic, natural produce that will guarantee and promote good health.

In a crispy nutshell, we are all designed to eat clean, organic and natural foods only.

Our bodies and cells are synchronised with nature itself.

Act as if your future matters, because it truly does – and it all starts with your body; the engine room!

Sometimes, being comfortable in your own skin can become so much easier – when your skin is glowing and radiating!

If we do our best to avoid the intake of harmful and unnecessary products (the ones listed here), we will indeed be greatly rewarded with positive health outcomes; perhaps even be granted a prolonged stay on this magnificent blue planet.

Our skin will change, looking better than ever. Our bodies will even start nourishing itself and automatically drain away that stored, unwanted toxic crap – and you will glow with beauty and health!

You can change your life today – just change your thinking and your choices.

We personally follow a paleo diet.

The most high-quality food we can find. Organic veggies and fruits, grass-fed organic meat or wild game meat and things generally not in packaging.

We ate lots of good quality fats as well. Avocados, coconut oil, ghee, fish and a few nuts(although not many). We find nuts can only be tolerated in small amount sometimes.

No matter what you think you know or what your doctor tells you. Fats are good. Fats are healthy and eating fat WILL NOT make you fatter.

If you'd like to know what we know about the paleo diet or any diet for that matter, or what amazing diet hacks we've discovered just comment below or send us a message.

We love this shit and will be more than happy to help you find what works best for you and your body.

Adios Amigos : )

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