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What's your skin type?

Oily, dry, combination, mature... Its enough to give you a migraine when trying to find products that will make your skin glow. But fear not, our products work for all types of skin and they do this for one reason.

That reason in one word is - Natural!

Stay with me and i'll explain what i mean by that.

Have you ever used a lip balm and felt like a few hours after or the next day your lips felt drier than before you started using the lip balm? Or what about if you wash your hair every 1-3 days and if you leave it unwashed longer than usual it starts to get itchy or you think its 'dirty' and it needs a good wash. 

What's happening is the products that your using are creating these imbalances in your skin and hair and give you the appearence of dry or oily skin for example. Most people use products that contain ingredients that just aren't good for us. We hear so many people talk about the products there using and that they think they're natural but after researching them i always find that they're not.

Most skincare is formulated to have;

A long shelf life #1 

To have an intoxicating aroma #2

and #3 is to give you that instant effect just after applying it to make you look and feel fabulous.

So products that strip your natural oils because of alcohols or other ingredients will leave your skin overproducing oils so you either have oily or combination skin. Other products that conatin water/aqua(which are in most products) tend to evaporate and can take some of your natural oils with with it.

Lip balms are notorious for using pertoleum based products that completely suffocate your lips leaving them dry and feeling worse than before so you think you have dry lips.

You see how this happens again and again and there are more examples we can go on with but you get the drift.

Once you start using completely natural products, which are rare these days, you'll start to see the potential of your skin. Any of our products will show you how nice your skin/hair can be naturally and are going to suit any type of skin because they are designed for people who want healthy skin, not scientifically created products with synthetic ingredients that pigeon hole your skin into a certain type or category.

If you have any skin concerns or question, please feel free to contact us anytime. Its what we love to do and helping somone with their skin is why we created our brand in the first place.