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The dangers of modern day skincare

It’s very important that you become aware of what you are really putting on your skin and how to educate yourself when it comes to buying skincare products. Think about this; Your skin doesn't care what brands you use, it doesn't care about the packaging or if you pay $200 or $2 for a product.

When making your skincare decisions remember that a drop of any substance on the end of your finger will end up in the hair follicle of your head in less than ten minutes! That's how efficient and sensitive our skin and system are. This is why it's important to always choose natural products and be aware of what's in your skincare.

The average person per day might use toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, moisturiser, sunscreen, soap etc. That's hundreds of chemicals and a lot of un-natural ingredients that the body has no need for and has a hard time getting rid of. If one of your persona; care products mentioned is considered safe (tested only by company x-who's interested in making profits and not your health,) it doesn't take into account the cocktail effect. The cocktail effect is the total amount of different synthetic substances in all your products combined being absorbed by your body and who knows what damage is being done underneath your skin through the low level accumulation of chemicals and toxins from everyday use which might be the cause of more serious health problems later in life.

The laws that govern the skincare industry and acceptable levels in products are more than 70 years old. They don't have the authority to assess the safety of the ingredients in skincare products; it’s all self-regulated by the companies themselves!!

Lets put that into perspective. Governments dont care about enforcing or regulating companies safety data and companies or organisations who just care about their profits, and also dont care about your health, supply their own testing/safe product data. Is it possible they would fudge these figures for a few extra billion dollars in profits then if caught just pay a few hundred thousand in fines!!!

When they do actually test, they test for things like swelling, rashes, skin irritations or bruising, basically just for any immediate visual side effects.They never do long term studies for things like cancer, hormone disruptors, birth defects or infertility. And remember they test on poor innocent defenceless animals, giving them cruel side effects, diseases and horrfying injuries.For example, take product X – it has three ingredients and all are synthetic chemicals. Regulations say that for each of these ingredients the acceptable levels are one gram. Let's say their studies have shown over time that one gram tested on rats shows no negative impacts. Ingredient one hasn't been tested on people with eczema or sensitive skin. More importantly that products ingredients haven't been tested with any other chemicals from any other products you have been using in the days or weeks previously and which might have a synergystic effect. This means that the effect of both the chemicals combined could be different or greater than the sum of the individual ingredients effects. An example is  "A small dose of mercury that kills 1 in 100 rats and a dose of aluminum that will kill 1 in 100 rats, when combined have a striking effect: all the rats die!"

Your skin might not show any signs of a negative reaction but chemicals don’t just evaporate or get washed off your body.

They are absorbed into your skin and blood vessels, just like what a nicotine patch does for smokers. These toxic ingredients end up in your blood, organs, your fat cells and traces of parabens have even been found in breast tumour biopsies. These chemicals contribute to high levels of toxicity in your body which can lead to things like diabetes, skin conditions, mood disorders, reproductive issues… the list goes on and on.

The Story of Cosmetics

So you know some of the dangers but how can you protect yourself?

It's easy, just read the ingredients label! Don't rely on the marketing spin or 'green-washing' on the packaging, simply read the ingredients from top to bottom. If there are big words that are hard to pronounce then they are either bad chemicals of extracts of natural substances that have been filtered or extracted using different means and probably destroying through heat or chemical filtration.
Before you purchase, take a snapshot on your phone of the ingredients or search online for the product and  research the ingredients on, it’s an American site but it has all the information you need.Generally, the bigger the company the more they will care about their profits and shareholders than your skin and they will be using cheaper ingredients in mass produced ways to increase their revenue.It all comes back to being informed and taking the time to know what you’re using on your skin and also what your children are absorbing through their skin because they are the ones who are aware yet.

The more natural your skincare, the more natural you are, the healthier and happier you will be.