Jenna-Lee Bischoff – July 12, 2020

By on June 18, 2020

I very rarely go to the effort of signing into my google account to post a review, unless it’s something pretty special, and boy oh boy this stuff is SPECIAL! I purchased the Organic Hemp Oil facial moisturiser, the Hemp & Green Tea lip balm and the ‘Sleepy’ essential oil mix. Everything is amazing! I especially love love love the Hemp Oil facial moisturiser, I do as it suggests on the bottle and splash a little bit of water on my face to make it damp and then I rub a few drops of the oil and use it as a facial cleanser/moisturiser and it makes your face feel like dewy magic! I have extremely dry sun damaged skin, and have spent hundreds of dollars on expensive and useless facial “rejuvenation” creams and retinoids, but never has anything made my skin look so hydrated and plump than this beautiful and very reasonably priced Hemp Oil. I also LOVE the Hemp & Green Tea lip balm, it stays on your lips all day through eating and drinking and washing your face, it’s so beautiful and again plumping and moisturising and has a nice matt & dewy finish to it, instead of shiny or gel like. The ‘Sleepy’ essential oil mix is heaven! I use a few drops of it with water in my oil burner every night before bed and it makes my room smell delicious as well as helping me calm down and fall asleep. I can not recommend this beautiful little organic, homegrown (????????❤️) company enough – Everything is 100% natural, handmade fresh to order, sustainable, ethical, does not test on animals and no animal products used! I am officially in love. ????

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