Natural Skincare – Are you Wasting your Money?

By on October 2, 2018


When it comes to skin care in Australia, we are passionate about 2 things.

Creating healthy natural skincare products with our own hands, and helping people understand the truth about modern day skincare.

We love to get straight to the point, so let’s get into it.

Whilst reading this blog, grab a moisturiser that you use (if not ours) and look at the ingredients. Now i can almost tell you what is going to be on the first 2 lines of the ingredients list.

Water/aqua, aloe vera juice, cetearyl alcohol, cetearyl olivate, gylcerin, Glyceryl Stearate, cetyl alcohol and so on.

Now these ingredients being at the top of the ingredient list make up the majority of the product. I call ingredients like these ‘white bread skincare.’ Ingredients so heavily refined and synthesised, they offer no benefits. They are just added to fill the product because they’re cheap.

If water/aqua is first on the list and you’re paying $30 for that product, you’re spending at least $20 on water! To me that’s a huge waste of money and water is not beneficial for the outer layers of the skin.

Say in Australia or NSW to be more precise, there are 50 skincare brands all trying to get you to buy their products.

About 90% of those brands would use a contract manufacturer

to make their products using almost identical ingredients. That’s how I was able to know what was in your moisturiser at home.

So all they need to do then, is print their own label, get a website and start marketing their stuff. They’ll try every which way to get you to buy their ‘white bread skincare.’

They’ll use words like natural, organic – which it might be, but so heavily refined that the ingredients have lost there magic. The healing/rejuvenating powers the ingredients once had when it was whole or close to being raw, have now gone. Artisan is another good one I’ve seen, but again, just deceptive marketing.

These brands that produce skin care in Australia are just in it for the money. If they weren’t, they would love experimenting and creating their own products, learning about nature and she works. How each substance interacts with the skin to make the best product possible is so important to produce healthy skincare.

When you buy something from someone or a brand who’s doing it for the money, you can guarantee, they DO NOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART. That product will be inferior to something made by hand by someone who loves what they do.

And I research every brand out there and there are a couple of good ones. The ones who make their products from scratch and are passionate about what they do, but the majority are doing it for the money.

It’s easy to tell which products are bad by seeing if the product has lots of ingredients. If it does, then it’s ‘white bread skincare.’

If water/aqua or aloe vera juice is the first or second ingredient, then it is ‘white bread skincare.’ Always go straight to the ingredients.

It will tell you the whole story and if you only get the ‘key Ingredients’ from a brands website and not the full list then they have something to hide. Then I would stay well away.

It’s all about the marketing and publicity these days.

The era of social media and the evolution of marketing and selling has made it difficult for people to know who to trust or which products to buy.

I always tell people, I don’t care if you don’t buy anything from us, but just know that we care about your skin as much as you do. We don’t want you to fall into the traps that most people do. But why support brands and businesses that don’t have your best interest at heart?

Skin care in Australia has a long way to go but it’s up to the consumer to make educated choices when it comes to the health and beauty of their skin.

Get in touch with us anytime and we’ll put you on the right path. Then you can make those informed decisions about which products are good and which are a waste of your money.

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