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Sandalwood essential oil is great: for Dry skin and scalp use topically in your skin or mix with your shampoo. For a calming and relaxing effect diffuse in the air and apply topically under the nose. For scars and blemishes apply topically directed to the affected area. For wound care and skin, infections apply topically to the affected area. For Spasms and Cramps take internally to protect against tumors. For insomnia and restlessness apply topically to bottoms of feet and inhale for a restful night. For meditation and yoga enjoy Sandalwood in a diffuser to enhance meditation. For emotional balance use aromatically and topically to get from Uninspired ——to——Devoted. Top Properties of Sandalwood essential oil are: Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Carcinoma, Astringent, Antidepressant, Calming and Sedative. Found in the following Toby and Rosie products: Rose and Sandalwood Body Butter, Sleepy Essential Oil Blend, Toby and Rosie Sandalwood essential oil, The Man Bar and Bella Deodorant. Blends well with the following Toby and Rosie pure essential oils Frankincense, Lavender, Rose Geranium.
100% Pure Sandalwood Essential Oil 15mls
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