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Activated Charcoal Face Cleanser

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One of our best sellers because of its effectiveness in refreshing the face.

Designed with cleansing and rejuvenating essential oils, this bar will brighten your day as much as your face.

Approx 220g

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At the Toby and Rosie Skincare Store, we have one product that shines more than it’s competitors.

Welcome to our Activated Charcoal Facial Cleansing Bar – A true revolution when it comes to the cleansing of the face!

Activated Charcoal is a miracle ingredient. When someone accidentally swallows poison, a doctor will give them activated charcoal to ingest because it absorbs the poison.

You can imagine how effective activated charcoal is as skin care products. The activated charcoal facial cleansing bar draws out acne, dirt, toxins, unwanted oils and skin impurities.

We care for your skin. We pride ourselves in using the purest ingredients possible that actually deliver effective results – naturally.

In conjunction with this cleanser we have a moisturiser in our skincare store that blows the competition out of the water.

Moringa Oil for Daily Moisturising.

Then if you like masks or have never used a clay mask then this is a game changer for your skin.

Four Earth Clay Mask


Spring Water, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (Columbia), Sunflower Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lye*, Castor Oil, Activated Charcoal, Bentonite Clay & Himalayan Pink Salt.

Essential Oils: Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Bergamot & Ylang Ylang.

*Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) is used during saponification, none remains in the finished product.

How to Use

The best way is to cut the bar in thirds vertically making sure the black and grey parts are together.

Use one piece at a time and keep the rest dry and this will prolong the life of the bar.


8 reviews for Activated Charcoal Face Cleanser

  1. Krystal

    I suffer from acne as an adult & this soap has been amazing. I cant believe what a difference it has made to my acne, it has cleared up so much. The smell is great & leaves my skin feeling smooth & clean.

  2. Maria

    This is my favorite Toby and Rosie’s soap bar because of the benefit that it brings to my skin. it helps my skin feels and look healthy. I used it on my face alone but it can be also use all over the body.
    It has a light scented smell of the essential oils added in the soap which is just right for me.
    Delivery was fast and it always came with free samples of gorgeous products.
    I find the price reasonable because the size of the soap is very generous. You will need to cut the soap in halves.

  3. Gem

    I absolutely love this product ! I chopped it up like suggested and I use my spinning cleansing brush held to the soap for a moment and go in on my face. My skin has been looking and feeling amazing !!!! And it smells omg so good ! My flaws about this product is that it burns your nose if u wash anywhere around the nostrils and really really burns your eyes if u get it in there so really try to avoid those areas.

  4. Beccy

    Absolutely cannot go without this charcoal bar!! It clears blackheads like a pro and leaves the skin so soft and smooth.

  5. Agnese

    I tried under the shower the beautiful charcoal soap on my face! OMG so good!!!!The smell and the smoothness of my skin were absolutely awesome!!!!!Thank you Rosie to create this beautiful products!

  6. Cheryl

    Out of pure luck, I came across ‘Toby & Rosie’ at Bondi markets on a Sunday afternoon. I was walking my fluffy Shih Tzu when Toby (one of the owners) suggested soap for my dog. A soap that was going to leave her with shiny, smooth fur and for only a fraction of the price that I am so used to paying from larger store chains like Petbarn. I also bought myself ‘Tomato & Aloe’ body soap. Till this day, I am still using this lovely soap that has made my skin feel so much softer and moisturised.

    When I went home that day, I hoped onto their website. A move that was going to change my entire skincare range and my perspective on what makes a brand ethical. I became a ‘natural product user’ after being educated on their website about the harmful ingredients that can easily be found in mass produced items such as Pantene and Dior. I asked myself a question ‘Why should I continue to pay such as high price for products that are damaging my health? Products that exposes the consumer to cancer’. I started ordering more items from their website as I was determined to go all natural. Using their easy to navigate website, I purchased their shampoo and conditioner bar, their serum, body butter and lip balm. I love those products, and I know I can never turn back to my old routine of harmful mass produced skincare items.

    What changed my life was my decision to purchase their ‘activated charcoal’ soap bar. Nothing can ever replace this product. It has done miracles to my skin like no other products. My skin has become so much clearer, with hardly any breakouts. I cannot rave enough about this product!!! For only $8, this big bar does more than I can ever imagined. I have always had pimples on my face, sometimes really bad acne and since using this product…BAM…my skin has become clear. I don’t need to wear make up to hide any more blemishes. I feel confident to walk out of my house and I get to feel great because I know what is on my skin (natural products!!! A lovely Toby & Rosie skincare range).

    Thank you for making my skin so much healthier ! I cannot thank you guys enough.

    From a very satisfied customer

  7. Kevina

    I also forgot the pimple soap OH GEEZ my sons pimples are slowing disappearing
    You two are amazing and your products well i have no words….
    I will be passing on your fb page to all my friends
    Thank u both again xxx

  8. Monika Pavic

    Yes, the reviews above have basically told you how amazing and transforming these products are. Now, this is personally my favourite face cleanser/soap/cleaner. It is soft on your skin, despite it being a soap. You and I both know the impacts of general store soaps; leaving your skin dry and irritated, but not with Toby & Rosie charcoal face soap! No way! It feels, looks and is beautiful on your soft and delicate skin. It must be followed by any of the face oils by Toby & Rosie for best results, or you could use the wonder balm for increased protection against sensitivity, dryness or even irritation.

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