Essential Oils


One essential oil is so powerful for so many reasons. Imagine how powerful then it is to have 4, 5 or 6 essential oils in the same bottle! Plus you get the scent profile being more balanced and complimentary to each other. Someone came to me one day and said, "smell rosemary". It was ok, not my favourite. Then they said, "smell lime", again it was ok but nothing to write home about, then they said, "smell them together" and when I did I was blown away! I couldn't believe that two average smells could transform into this amazing concoction of scent-ual delight. Thats the beauty of choosing a blend vs a single oil. Mix your own or try one of our essential oil blends. Its a fascinating trip down sensory lane!

Single Oils

If magic exists, then essential oils would have to be one of the closest things to it on earth! There are so many different varieties of scents to choose from. So many amazing things you can do with them and are the basis for everything that smells good in the world. We love diving down the rabbit hole of blending and getting to know their properties and how best to use certain oils for different situations. They can bring back memories of food, loved ones, (not so loved ones), trips and times in life triggered through the magic and art or scent. Start your journey today!

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