Natural Skincare


Love your body and it will love you back! The best way to love your body is by putting ONLY completely natural things on it. There is refined natural which most products are and offer no benefit. Then there's raw natural, which ours is, and is the most nutritious way to absorb the magic of nature into your skin.


The one thing you should know about cleansers is that most are made with alcohol that strips away the bad and good stuff from your skin. This can be irritating and sensitising, leaving your skin open to issues and a constant battle to bring it back into balance. Our cleansers work with your skin to remove unwanted makeup, dirt, clean and reduce pores and leave you with a naturally beautiful fresh canvas to then apply the magic of an oil as your moisturiser. Happy skin = Happy you!

Essential Oils

We have some of the most exquisite, high quality essential oils in the world! How do we back up a statement like that? We've developed, over the years, a great knowledge of the industry, from local producers and suppliers that test their oils with expensive machines and have built a great reputation through trust and transparency. Creating and producing great skincare is our focus so the benefit to you is 100% pure and high quality essentials oils at an affordable price. Its a win - win!


Whether its the face or body, exfoliating is a great way to remove the unwanted dead skin cells that might hang around a little too long and not allow our skin to breathe to its fullest potential. Remember our skin is our largest organ and our biggest detoxifier. Its important we help it clear itself to operate at its maximum potential and therefore improve our health and longevity.

Facial Care

Every face tells a story. The Chinese say, the more wrinkles you have, the wiser you are, and yet in modern day society everyone is searching for the elixir of youth. We think the closer to natural you are the more naturally beautiful you look! This is why we have created our range of completely natural facial care products. Your facial care routine should consist of cleansing, exfoliating, detoxifying and moisturising and we have something for each one. Our facial bars for the cleansing, our pink salt scrub for the exfoliating and detoxifying, our four earth clay mask to rejuvenate and our nourishing facial serums to moisturise and hydrate.


Our natural hair products are like nothing you’ve ever tried before! Most 'off the shelf' hair care products are a waste of money, with toxic ingredients, and mind numbing advertising. We deliver healthy, safer alternatives that are a real natural haircare solution. You can trust that we have gone the extra mile to ensure that the ingredients will not contaminate your body or our environment. When you try our natural hair care range, it takes time to recover from the damage caused from the products you’ve been using. However, after using our products for a few weeks you'll experience the hair you've always wanted! Our natural hair products are not just limited to conditioners and shampoo bars. The full Range of Toby and Rosie natural hair products also includes hair balm, herbal hair rinse, overnight hair treatment, and beard oils.


One of the biggest complaints we hear from women and men alike is that they suffer dry or cracked hands, especially in those cold winter months. The funny thing is that most women have a hand cream in their purse or besides the bed or in a drawer at work, yet are still suffering daily. Our All-Natural Hand Balms are perfectly designed to deliver the nourishment that you need on a daily basis to restore your skin and give you peace of mind.


Say goodbye to chapped/dry lips and hello to luscious and hydrated lips by using our luxuriously created lips balms. We use only the highest quality, completely natural ingredients that haven’t been refined and retain the amazing-ness of nature!

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