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About Toby

I am a lover of nature.

The colours, the power, the scents, the mystery and magic. The way it works harmoniously together, weaving throughout everything on our planet and through us.

I love the peacefulness and tranquility of being out in the middle of nowhere, maybe a deserted island, or the middle of the bush with no one else around. To feel like I’m the only one on earth makes me happy :)

Our business is my passion. I love being able to produce products that make a positive difference in people’s skin and health using the power of nature.

It’s pretty nice to have the freedom to work when you like, come and go as you please also to not have a boss(although Rosie likes to think she is).

I get so frustrated and disheartened to see so much bad skincare out there. Brands selling the same crap under a different label and calling it ‘natural’ skincare. It’s mostly created for that short term wow effect using highly refined ingredients but can be damaging in the long run.

I don’t have a lot of trust for governments, industry, media or any global organisation. Most decisions being made are based on money, greed, power, lies and rarely for the betterment of the people or planet.

Right now i’m into exploring the world of plant medicines, medicinal mushrooms, longevity and love to keep up to date with the groundbreaking research/studies/trials about all things related to health that you generally won’t hear about in the main stream media or in governments.

My favourite podcasts are Joe Rogan, Tim Ferriss, Dr Rhonda Patrick(Found My Fitness), Aubrey Marcus and Marc Maron just to name a few.

My dream is to buy a piece of land in the country to build our own house with my bare hands and start our own health retreat.
Growing our own food with a permaculture garden, some infrared saunas, cold plunge pools, massages, a place to do yoga, a place to share ideas and invite speakers to come and educate everyone on lots of different subjects and create a community around wanting to do good in the world!