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Essential Oils Pack for Pregnancy, Labor & Nursing

Toby and Rosie Essential oils For Pregnancy, labor, and nursing. During Pregnancy use: Sweet Orange: Is great for Insomnia and stress during Pregnancy to use diffuse aromatically or inhale from palms of hands to balance energy and uplift mood. Peppermint: Is great to relieve digestive upsets and supports memory. to use gargle 1 drop internally with water or apply topically under nose before or in between meals to suppress appetite. During Labor use: CLARY SAGE: For broad-spectrum support to labor process. Apply topically down the spine or on the abdomen to help bring on labor. GERANIUM: supports perineum labor performance, mood, and healing. Apply topically in the area of concern. LAVENDER: calms and sooth mood and tissues. Apply topically in the are of concern or diffuse aromatically. FRANKINCENSE: Lesses stress and trauma: promotes healing put 1 drop internally under the tongue and apply topically to relieve trauma BASIL: Relives pain and enhances labor performance. During Nursing use: YLANG YLANG: Alleviates tender breast and depression CLARY SAGE: Promotes milk supply and hormone balancing boost mood. to increase milk supply apply topically in each breast For postpartum depression and anxiety diffuse aromatically or apply topically to the bottom of the feet. LAVENDER: Promotes milk production prevents/ heals tender sore breast, nipples, and clogged milk ducts.
All 15 ml Pure Essential Oils of; Basil Ylang Ylang Clary Sage Lavender Rose Geranium Frankincense Sweet Orange Peppermint
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