The literal meaning of the Hebrew word for "fast" is ‘to cover the mouth’. Fasting is an exceptionally ancient remedy and powerful approach for physical and spiritual healing. Water fasting can be traced throughout history; icons like Plato, Socrates, Jesus, Moses, Hippocrates …all used water fasting to support their body in healing and spiritual expansion. The process essentially allows the body to rest, detoxify, and to heal. Fasting can be extremely challenging in the beginning - but one of the most beneficial things you can ever do, to restore the complete health of your body. When we stop eating our body energy takes on other important tasks – effectively to counter or compensate for its role in digesting food. It goes towards healing, cleansing and most importantly; draining the dreaded, accumulated toxins out of our body. As one’s ‘fast’ progresses, the body consumes everything that it can, that is not essential for bodily functioning. This includes bacteria, viruses, fibroid tumours, waste products in the blood, any build-up around the joints, and stored fat. Through our own first-hand experience, Toby and I can both testify to the amazing benefits that Water fasting offers…

The Toby & Rosie Experiment/s:
We have now each completed a 7-day Water fast, twice. The first time was in Guatemala (…my old stomping ground) where Toby broke out with a massive rash on his hand, on the 5th day of our fast (thankfully, it wasn’t Stigmata!) and I also experienced severe migraines and had many moments of feeling really sick, which is actually all quite normal in the detox process. In fact, many of the most dramatic changes that occur in the body during Water fasting, takes place within the first three days of the fast. These occur as the body switches from one fuel source to another. We both agreed that the results (the first time around) were impressive, but it truly was an ultra-challenging task for both of us - doing it for the first time. Naturally, we were both constantly thinking about food – and fair to say that our cravings were going ‘off the charts’, not to mention our gastric juices being really acidic. We prepared home-made enemas together with coffee – and also drank lemon water and apple cider, with warm water in the morning to alleviate the side effects of the fast (…which I gotta say, worked wonders!).
The second time we took-on the Water fast was in Australia – and was a little more intensive, as we only drank distilled water for seven days straight. Being a little bit more savvy this time round, we prepared with two days of green-juicing; pre-fasting - and one day of green-juicing; post-fasting, as well as 2 x colon hydrotherapy sessions. For me personally, this was a very intense/full-on experience which honestly scared the hell out of me - as my body slowly started to take-out a horrible black substance (…as black as charcoal!). I had never experienced anything like this before in my life (to this day, I still regret not taking it to a lab for further analysis!). All I know is that whatever the putrid thing was, it must have been something really toxic, as right after the expulsion - I can honestly say that I felt like a million dollars…maybe even $2 million! During this time we also did fast, barefoot walks together along the ocean shore - and visited the sauna every day. And each morning we had our warm litre of water - with lemon juice and apple cider (…a ritual we still each continue to this day).

Why water fasting is important to do - at least once a year:

Water fasting cleanses our body on a deep, cellular level. All of our body-cells have remnant molecules of fast-food, processed food, desserts, and alcohol that we’ve ever consumed. There are flavourings, colourings, preservatives, stabilisers - and 1000 other compounds that compose the chemical soup of modern cuisine in all of the cells in our bodies. These substances accumulate in our tissue over time, which in-turn contributes to chronic fatigue and bodily dysfunction. Toby and I are now in the process of preparing for our next Water fast; where we will be recording our progress on a daily basis (on Facebook and YouTube) – with an honest and personal account, each describing our feelings, thoughts, cravings and symptoms – and this time around, we will also submit our body’s ‘rejects’ to the test lab so we can better review, analyse and interpret our results.

Our Water fast ‘itinerary’ will be:

  • 7 x days Water fast

  • 2 x days green-juicing; post-fasting -

  • infrared saunas for 60 minutes every day. -

  • 1 x hydrotherapy session each (towards the completion of the fast). -

  • Warm water with lemon and apple cider daily. -

  • Yoga and Meditation daily. -

  • Detox drinks, activated charcoal and bentonite clay x 3 times during the detox, or as needed. 3x baths with Epsom salts.

… So stay tuned and follow our journey!