We have been on a journey with our hair ever since we started making our own products, trying to find the magical potion (natural of course) that would give us beautiful healthy hair and we’ve tried them all.

Our beer, egg and honey shampoo bar, and our mango and cocoa conditioning bar are a great way to start your journey. They will help with the transition period and give your hair and scalp a new lease on life.

Here are some useful tips to change turn your frown upside down - Great hair day, here you come.

  1. Choose natural products. Commercial Shampoos, conditioners, and colourants contain very nasty chemicals and what’s worse is that when you shower or bathe because of the heat your pores are open and substances are more easily absorbed into your system.
  1. The less you to your hair the better. We don’t wash our hair but we do take care of it. If you do choose to go natural or what they call the ‘no poo method’, there will be a period (say 2-4 weeks) of hair you’d rather hide under a hat but in the end it’s all worth it!
  1. Brushing is a great way to start. Using a good brush two or three times a week for 20 minutes helps stimulate the natural oils from the sebaceous glands in your scalp and as you brush from the roots to the tips you will spread those oils throughout your hair.
  1. When you’re about to finish your shower turn the water to completely cold and rinse your hair for 30 seconds. This will close the cuticle minimizing split ends and retaining moisture, which will give you a nice shine.
  1. The quintessential piece of any natural hair care routine is without doubt Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)! It helps restore the outside protective layer repairing microscopic tears and split ends giving you a soft, shiny look and feel. It also removes residue that can leave your hair looking dull and balances the pH of your hair and scalp.
  1. One great treatment that we’ve recently discovered and really simple to make is;
  • Take 2 medium sized leaves from an Aloe Vera plant, slice through the middle of the leaf and with a spoon scoop out the clear gel part.
  • Pop that into a blender and add 2 cups water and 1 cup of ACV.
  • Blend and apply the mixture to your whole head - leave for 1-3 hours and then rinse off.
  • No need to wash or condition afterwards and you’ll enjoy clean, super soft and healthy hair.

If you have any questions regarding your hair or how best to start your natural hair care journey, we are always excited and willing to help, email - hello@tobyandrosie.com