ECZEMA (atopic dermatitis) is a non-infectious, inflammatory skin condition which will affect one in three Australasians (at some stage) in the course of their lives. The condition is most common in people with a history of an atopic disorder, including asthma or hay fever.
Atopic Eczema is the most common form of the disease among Australasians. The skin can become red, dry, itchy and scaly, and in severe cases, may weep, bleed and crust over - causing the sufferer much discomfort. Sometimes the skin may also become infected. The condition can also flare-up and subside for no apparent reason.
The Missing Link – Turning Eczema Inside-Out!
It breaks our collective heart to see people (young and old) repeatedly suffering with this disease… so much so, that the Toby & Rosie brand have been on a mission (since its inception) to create a product which would ultimately enable people to get their skin health and their self-confidence back to optimum levels.
In our journey of extensive research to finding and creating a natural solution, we discovered that what actually starts out as an internal gut disease – causing significant inflammation, ultimately results in the external rash/skin condition known as Eczema. This is precisely the missing link that people generally don’t understand – the secret to finding the cure, or at least treating this disease so it disappears altogether, starts by addressing what lies within the body, as opposed to the focus being predominantly to treat the (external) rash, or the skin itself.
Food For Thought…
Think of how food has evolved in our society throughout time; ‘Industrialization’ has now completely taken over, especially where the food industry is concerned. Even whilst we enjoy the intimate or social trappings of our fav restaurants, we can also assume that we’re eating food goods which have been canned, frozen, mixed together with artificial flavours, colorants – and all mixed with crazy high levels of sugar.  Basically, we are generally settling for cheap products filled with crappy ingredients, subjecting ourselves to sub-standard meat & dairy products.
The food we eat might be tasty but the quality is shit (sorry, I tried really hard to find a suitable alternative word, but just couldn’t find one) and when we talk about quality we are taking about fresh, organic and pure produce.
The big picture indicates that (as a society) we have now been eating this way for many generations - falsely believing that many of the foods we digest are safe for our consumption. But the sad reality is that irrefutable side effects are appearing among us - when we see people across the globe getting sicker with diseases like cancer, chronic inflammation, heart disease, blood sugar pressure, Eczema, skin rashes and so on. The long list of diseases are forever growing, as are the number of people getting sick – and we still wonder what is affecting our state of health…
Through our own investigative research, we have reached the conclusion that Eczema is a condition – which surfaces to the outer layer of the skin, yet serves as an alarm bell or warning, that all within the body and organisms is not 100%.  
So, if you have Eczema or other skin problems and you are sick and tired of using the same old toxic treatments that your GP and/or pharmaceutical companies want you to use, then surely - it is indeed time for a change.
Step 1: Start with your diet.
Get rid of artificial sweets, cakes or anything that is process sugar. Get rid of all canned food – or any imported food. Get rid of all frozen food (sold in the supermarkets). Get rid of gluten and grains (eg pasta, any bread types). These food types contain zero nutrients and will only increase the likelihood of candida and gastric problems that produces conditions like Eczema.
Step 2: Increase your (green) juice intake.
Increase green juices made with local produce and also eat plenty of Kale - as it is one of the most nutritious plants on Earth.  Experts around the globe regard Kale as a ‘super food’, which will nourish & clean your entire body from the inside out.
Eat lots of good fats - especially coconut oil (which offers anti-fungal benefits and helps kill bacteria, fungal infections and candida in our bodies). This can easily be done by putting 2 x spoons in your morning health-shake. Ensure the coconut oil you ingest is certified organic and cold pressed.
Drink lots of water all day long! Try to drink at least 2 x litres of water each day. If you do this regularly (on a daily basis), you will start experiencing wonders right away - not only in your skin but also throughout your entire body.
Step 3: Drink Natural Supplements.
We recommend:
1. Neem herbal supplements (great for treating fungal infections like Eczema or Acne).
2. Moringa supplements.
3. Broccoli sprout powder – which can be added in your healthy juices or shakes.
4 Tumeric Powder supplements.
5. Holy Basil oil supplements.
6. Oregano leave supplements.
7. Aceroli Berries.
8. Magnesium supplements.
9. Zinc supplements.
Step 4: Exercise.
We recommend to exercise at least 3 times a week - or as a bare minimum, a daily peaceful walk.
Step 5: Take control over the products you use.
Apply to your body only 100% natural body products and don’t use anything that has ingredients that you can’t understand or anything that is artificial or toxic.
For those who find our products helpful controlling chronic skin conditions, we recommend to not use anything other than our Eczema Soap Bar to wash and condition your hair and skin. Also, use only our Wonder Balm if you need extra moisturising.
For further reading/information, please refer to Eczema Association Australasia.