Arm Yourself…with a Natural Alternative!

By on March 21, 2019


Arm Yourself…with a Natural Alternative

Here’s why we felt compelled to create real, Natural Deodorant
According to the figures released by The Breast Cancer Organization of Australia, it was estimated in 2018, that 49 women were diagnosed with cancer every single day – and that 1 out of every 8 women will eventually develop breast cancer in Australia.

These are frightening, alarming and very scary statistics! 

So maybe the time is NOW to start getting full control back of our health – and to start paying attention to what we are actually using every day in our bodies. 

The truth is TOXIC!
Research shows that most conventional deodorants are made with aluminium salts – known as Aluminum chloride (AlCl3) and Trichloroaluminum (AlCl3).

A recent study in Sweden used rats to determine the long term exposure of these aluminium salts. This study was also replicated on isolated mammary cells of women. Both studies demonstrated the same result…they discovered that “long-term exposure to concentrations of aluminium, caused cells to form tumours and metastasise”.


As a matter of fact, aluminium chloride is banned by the European Union due to its toxicity. 
By using a conventional deodorant (manufactured with synthetic chemicals), we are instantly blocking our pores from breathing, plus it has direct contact with our lymphatic nodes – which run all the way through our breast and body. 

At this stage of our evolution, it seems that nobody can say for sure that there is a direct link between deodorants and cancer.

The same goes for perfumes, toothpaste (see our article/post re: fluoride), makeup, shampoos, conditioners…and the list goes on. But, instinctively, we ALL know deep down…that something is just not right.

There are alternative solutions to a long and healthy life on this planet. Think of the long-term effects that a positive change can make for you – and for your kids!

1. by having a clean diet…the better the diet, the better your (underarm) odour 🙂

2. by using natural deodorants…made with pure, non-toxic ingredients 

3. by drinking lots of water 

4. by also drinking liquid Chlorophyll 

5. by using Natural Bacteria Water…to spray in your underarms

6. by using pure essential oils

I know these are hard steps to take. Change is difficult. But when it comes to your health, change can be rewarding…beyond your wildest dreams!


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