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About us

Our natural skincare & soaps reflect the passion we have for a healthy, ethical and sustainable lifestyle. We're based in NSW, Australia and we personally hand craft all of our products using only the purest, freshest and healthiest ingredients possible.

Our first ever market stall

Our story began in 2009 in Guatemala, when a girl named Rosie,
whilst studying at University, went to a party on the beach.
Toby, an Australian travelling through Central and South America
saw Rosie and it was love at first sight. We dated and spent the
next few months building our love together until Toby picked
Rosie up in a canoe on the beautiful Lake Petén Itzá on
New Years Eve and proposed. We came back to Australia together
and in 2011, we got married in a beautiful ceremony in Byron Bay.

Eventually, our love of nature and the environment got us making our own natural products, just for ourselves but the more we learned about how bad most skincare was the more motivated we became to share our ideas and creations with friends and family. Whilst researching how to be as healthy as possible, we found that so much attention gets placed on what to eat, but not on what you put on your skin. When you consider that what you put on your skin ends up in your body, it’s just as important, maybe more so because with skincare, you're basically digesting chemicals and poison. As we discovered so many terrifying truths about the skincare industry, we became really concerned and angry because the amount of dangerous ingredients they use in their products is disgusting and corrupt.

Toby and Rosie in Byron Bay

  Big companies completely ignore consumer safety and use deceptive marketing to sell toxic waste to everyone, even children and babies. If most people were to look through their daily routine products now, they would find all kinds of expensive, harmful crap they have been tricked into buying that was likely tested on animals and can cause poor bodily functioning and health problems. So instead of just telling people about the alternative to unethical and unsafe products, we have created the alternative. Locally produced, freshly made, safe, healthy and completely natural skincare and soaps that benefit the inside of your body as much as the outside.

Toby and Rosie on a dock in Peten Guatemala

Toby and Rosie is just the two of us and it’s been a lot of hard work to get where we are today and we absolutely love it. We feel this is our destiny and what we were meant to do on this earth. We want to look back at our lives and be proud that we accomplished some good, by helping people, trying to improve their lives, their health and their appearance, always with honesty and ethics. We keep our products affordable, we're always happy to engage and find out what works for you and we will never compromise our beliefs for anything.

We want to unite a community of people who want to begin or continue their natural journey, we're always learning new things and encourage you to learn as well. We want to inspire people and be inspired by others, to share ideas and create awareness. Better living makes happier people and happy people make a better world, so take care of yourself and your environment, it will take care of you.

Thanks for getting to know us, we can't wait to hear from you.